The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study

How a prioritization of end-to-end personalization can earn companies significantly higher ROI (3X% or more)

How companies that don't have centralized ownership of personalization fare when compared to those that do

How EMEA stacks up against North America in terms of personalization strategies

So does personalization actually achieve that? And if so, are the effects of consistent personalization measurable?

We can now say with certainty: Yes—to both. In our EQ4 2018 report, we dive into the data to measure the exact impact of cumulative personalized experiences on metrics like conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, and cart abandonment rate.

2019 Personalization Development Study

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The personalization engine trusted by the world's leading retailers.

The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study reveals that companies that leverage a personalization strategy across all elements of the customer lifecycle not only see higher ROI (300% or more), they are in the best position to quickly pivot their business to meet changing customer behaviors.

This study from Monetate marks the fourth year we’ve surveyed companies about their personalization efforts, and we’re seeing that half of retailers that have instated an end-to-end personalization strategy are receiving these robust returns. 

This data-rich study can help you and your company create a path forward in the personalization realm while setting yourself up for increased agility, and ultimately, higher ROI.

In this study, you'll find:

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Two case studies showing advanced personalization in action

The challenge most often cited as a top obstacle to 1-to-1 personalization

How organizational structures to support personalization have changed since 2018

How a focus on customer lifetime value and loyalty are driving ROI for the most successful brands

The budgeting strategies that are correlated with successful personalization efforts