EQ3 2018: A Conversation About Context


Marketers agree that relevance is the key to personalization. But the products and messages that are relevant for a given consumer right now may be substantially different from what would have resonated with them two weeks ago—or even ten minutes ago. Luckily, there are several types of data that can help fill in the gaps in real time. So how can brands leverage signals that the customer sends in order to better understand their context and drive more relevant experiences?

In the latest Ecommerce Quarterly report, EQ3 2018: A Conversation About Context, we analyzed more than 1.6 billion shopping sessions to identify experiences in which marketers used the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine™ to increase relevance with consumers.

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You'll learn:

Why a brand's use of context is absolutely central to the engagement performance of their experiences.

Engagement metrics that can help marketers understand whether they're delivering an optimally relevant experience.

Steps that brands should take to work towards the collection and use of historical customer data.