EQ4 2018: More Equals More


What’s the impact of personalization on a customer’s experience over time? 

Marketers already know that individual tactics such as optimizing landing pages or providing better product recommendations can drive value. But optimizing micro-experiences has never been the true goal: The holy grail of personalization, and of marketing as a whole, is to provide the kind of customer experience that influences behavior consistently over time.

In our latest report, we dive into the data to measure the exact impact of cumulative personalized experiences on metrics like conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, and cart abandonment rate.

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You'll learn:

Precisely where in a sequence of personalized experiences performance takes off exponentially;

How the performance of a personalized journey compares to one with no personalization;

The referral channels that perform best and most poorly, and how personalization impacts visitors from those channels differently.