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How to transform data and user behavior analytics into individual, highly personalized customer experiences drive engagement
How to create a framework for continuous testing, learning, and iteration to achieve ongoing conversion rate optimization
How AI can enable deeper learnings about user behaviors and needs and to serve users relevant, personalized content in real time




Webinar Details
Live webinar on August 21st, 2019
12pm EST / 5pm BST, 45 minutes 


About our Hosts

Liam leads Monetate’s demand generation and growth strategies, including celebrating customer successes with personalization. A self-professed data nerd, he’s experienced with driving cross-functional marketing alignment on teams both large and small. 

Danielle Schwolow - Sr. Growth Strategist at Multiplica

Danielle is a Senior Growth Strategist for Multiplica US, a full-service digital marketing agency that offers Optimization, Analytics, and UX/UI services for the travel industry. She is fluent in using analytics and complex data to produce meaningful, actionable insights for travel sites and optimize the user journey in today’s competitive digital space.

Liam Moroney - Sr. Director of Growth at Monetate

Multiplica and Monetate break down how travel websites can personalize the customer experience and boost conversion rates using AI

How AI-Powered Personalization Increases Conversions, Direct Bookings for Travel and Hospitality Websites

Travel and hospitality users no longer prefer personalized experiences when they’re booking… they demand them. In this webinar, Multiplica and Monetate will explain how travel websites stay competitive and increase online bookings by providing users with highly personalized content that reflects their individual needs, behaviors, desires, and pain points.

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